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Size vs Sized for Writers & Authors

To all my grammar-nerd writing buddies because I've been confused on this: SIZE vs. SIZED. It is most important to make a guideline and stick to it. Don't use “fullsize car” in one


Let Us Talk About Maxence

TL;DR version: It's going to be a while longer.

Blair's Books at Google Play

How to See the Google Play International Stores for Price-Matching, etc.

Blair Babylon's Books at Google Play How to get to the different Google Play stores and then find your book for price-matching, etc: When your book is available internationally, you can check how your


Planning 2019

Some author friends and I have been planning for 2019. Before a few years ago, I didn't plan my releases and career, just kind of wrote and dumped. It seemed less stressful, but it wasn't. It was


How To Succeed in Independent Publishing — A Primer

I wrote the following post on a now essentially defunct site called KBoards in mid-2017. (I know it's still there. It's changed hands, and the new owners have added unethical and unacceptable language


TK’s Google Play Uber Post

(c) 2015 and 2018 Malachite Publishing LLC UPDATE AND BACKGROUND: A few years ago, a site called kboards.com had an area called The Writers Cafe, where many indie authors got together to help each other.



I really like the word “incarnate” as a noun. Thus, I am only allowed to use it once per standalone book or mini-series. But it's a good word. 


Just 5 Tips

J.A. Huss hosted a bunch of top writers, including me, on her blog during the month of December to write 5 Top Tips on a whole bunch of writing and marketing subjects. If you're a writer (or a reader


Huge, FREE Publishing Marketing Course at JA Huss’s Blog in December

This month, December, 2017, JA Huss is graciously producing 30 Days of Wisdom for Indie Authors with many guest posts from some of the most successful authors in the business. If you're an indie author,


A Usual Day in the Life of the Romance Author

I was chatting in my Facebook Readers' Group tonight and thought that I would cross-post here at the blog. Writing can be hard work, and chatting like in groups like the Babylon group keeps me going. So,