To all my grammar-nerd writing buddies because I've been confused on this: SIZE vs. SIZED.

It is most important to make a guideline and stick to it. Don't use “fullsize car” in one paragraph and “full-sized car” in the next.


Hyphens are squishy and hard to pin down.

– Generally, you CAN use a hyphen if using a full noun before size/sized, which makes it a hyphenated compound word. You can also leave out the hyphen and make it a non-hyphenated compound word. This can get odd-looking, so be careful about omitting.

– Generally, do NOT use a hyphen if using a prefix before size/sized, like “mid.”



If you are comparing two things that have no direct relationship as a metaphor = -size

  • brick-size bomb
  • plate-size disk
  • teacup-size serving
  • cat-size dog
  • football field-size bed
  • midsize car (often NOT hyphenated because mid- is a prefix)
  • supersize fries (hyphen can go either way on this one because super is both an adj and a prefix)


If you are saying that something was purposefully manufactured/made to be an standardized size = -sized

  • catering-sized coffee maker
  • compact-sized car
  • king-sized bed
  • cat-sized breed of dogs (squishy one that could go either way)