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Email & Info about Covid-19 Vax

Romance readers are the best. Seriously, the best. I love you guys.Romancing the Runoff is an auction by romance authors, and we're auctioning off everything. You will not believe some of the things you


How To Deal With Isolation:

This was posted to a group I'm in on Facebook. I take no credit, but it seems like good advice. HUGS, to ALL.


Be a Fire Break.

Hey folks — I haven't spoken up much, but I feel that I need to now. Please, for the love of God and all that holy, stay home, stop going out, don't get delivery, and don't interact with people


TV Recommendation: Watchmen on HBO

I highly recommend HBO's Watchmen. Excellent writing and acting. Regina King is an amazing actor.

Daenerys Targaryen, Queen of Queens

How Game of Thrones Should End

Like a lot of people, I'm watching Game of Thrones. Here's my take on how it should end. Should, mind you. Not will. Not what I think will happen. But, this is what should happen. THE END OF


Planning 2019

Some author friends and I have been planning for 2019. Before a few years ago, I didn't plan my releases and career, just kind of wrote and dumped. It seemed less stressful, but it wasn't. It was


How To Succeed in Independent Publishing — A Primer

I wrote the following post on a now essentially defunct site called KBoards in mid-2017. (I know it's still there. It's changed hands, and the new owners have added unethical and unacceptable language


Just 5 Tips

J.A. Huss hosted a bunch of top writers, including me, on her blog during the month of December to write 5 Top Tips on a whole bunch of writing and marketing subjects. If you're a writer (or a reader