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Planning 2019

Some author friends and I have been planning for 2019.

Before a few years ago, I didn't plan my releases and career, just kind of wrote and dumped. It seemed less stressful, but it wasn't. It was just unorganized and less successful.

My friends did more planning and more dreaming than I did. They did some stuff that I considered "woo stuff," for I am overly intellectual and logical. (For those who do Meyers-Brigss, I'm an INTJ, also called "The Mastermind." In Harry Potter fandom, I sort into Ravenclaw or Slytherin.)

Anyway, they were doing vision boards, like chopping up magazines and pasting them on posterboards. They did the Year Compass, which seems self-indulgent and a waste of time. Shouldn't I just be writing more books? Shouldn't I take those few hours and input the edits that I've gotten back from my first proofreader?

And yet, these are some of the most successful authors I know. Many of these women published 10 or more books last year. Some with co-writers. Some just dropped 10 freaking books on their own. They are laser-focused when it comes to their genre, their releases, and their process.

So, last year, I did some rudimentary planning and a little of the woo stuff.

And financially, I had my best year ever. I definitely made enough to keep writing and not have to go back to pharmaceutical industry consulting. This is the goal. If I can't make enough money to replace that income, I need to go back to work and stop writing books.

(So, here is my little plea for you to buy my books and not just read the freebies or download them off of pirate sites. If you don't pay for books, writers have to stop writing, including me. It's a financial reality of our society. Every time a reader downloads a pirated book, an author looks at the numbers, quits writing books, and goes back to her day job. You can't actually get books for free. If you don't pay for books, soon there will be no independent authors. When there are no more independent authors, then the publishing-media conglomerates will destroy the pirate sites, and then it's back to paying $14.99 for an ebook and $24.99 for a hardback. It's up to you.)

So, back to the post.

Last year, the rudimentary woo worked really well for me. I felt more in control of my releases, and I released quite a few books. Thus, this year, I am doing more woo.

I am finished planning my "vision board," which I will take a picture of and share with you when I'm done. But I wanted to share one other thing with you. Last year, a lot of my buddies did a "Year Compass," which is a free downloaded booklet where you think about last year and then work through your goals for next year. I will be doing it today or soon. No matter what your profession or your life situation, I encourage your to do this. It's not writer-specific. It's a really great tool to evaluate what worked and what you want to change. 

Download the free Year Compass Here.

Do select the paper size as "US Letter" if you're in the US. They even have different paper sizes in Europe. A4 or A5 won't print right on US-sized paper.

I'm looking forward to 2019. I'm planning 10+ books, so get ready to read a lot of Blair Babylon!

And Happy New Year to all.

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