Skins Game

Skins Game

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A Billionaires in Disguise Sports Romance from USA Today Bestselling Author Blair Babylon! My stupid, drunken bet last New Year’s Eve is going to wipe me out finanacially, but it led me to Nicole Lamb, so I guess we’ll have to call it even.

Just as soon as she stops yelling at me.

On a bet, I was forced to buy a company and turn it around. I purchased Sidewinder Sports, which came with a stellar reputation for high-end products, a mountain of debt that its former owner had snorted his way into, and one feisty, curvy, absolutely maddening engineer of the aforementioned high-end products who will not budge a dang inch on every policy and manufacturing change I’m making to save the company under her delicious little feet.

She’s shouted at me that she will fight for Sidewinder’s purity forever.

I don’t have forever. I have one year, or else I’ll lose the bet and go bankrupt.

But if my fiendish plan works out, I’m betting on forever with her.

Includes your favorite romance tropes!

♥  Enemies to lovers
♥  Billionaire lifestyle
♥  Secret boss!
♥  Steamy spicy reads
♥  And so much more!


For fans of Lucy Score, Ana Huang, Nicole Fox, and more, you'll love Blair Babylon's Thrillers that Bang! Even though this is more like a sports romantic comedy that bangs. (winky smile)

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About the Book

All of Blair Babylon’s books include mature themes, characters who act like adults, an unusual number of dead bodies for romance novels, people working through past trauma, dark humor, philosophy, nifty vocabulary, and explicit spicy scenes that may include bondage, domination/submission, sadism, masochism, roughness, positions that only highly trained contortionists should attempt, and deep, serious emotions.

Children and animals are sometimes in danger but are never injured nor murdered.

Things Blair’s books do not include / Blair does not write about: rape described in detail for titillation, any kind of sexual violence described in detail for titillation, coerced sex that happens (may be threatened), forced pregnancy that happens (may be threatened), noncon, dubcon, child abuse, CSA, or animal abuse.

In the very few instances where a character is sexually assaulted, it either happens entirely off the page, happened before the book began, or is not shown in detail. For instance, at one point, a sexual assault that happens in a book is entirely contained in the words, “And then—” Characters deal with the trauma afterward, and—and I cannot stress this enough—and then they get through it and reach a place where they are okay.

In the list, “Discussed” means this category is discussed but does not happen.




Sex, Explicit / Spicy / Five-Chili-Peppers / Earphones highly recommended for audiobook
Nudity, Explicitly Described
Dominance / Submission / Total Power Exchange
Sexual Positions that only skilled contortionists should attempt
Alcohol / Drinking to Excess / Bad Decisions

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ISBN: 9781950220724