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Do you dream about meeting a mysterious man with singular tastes? Or a rising star who will give you the world? How about a man who says he’s just an idle rich nobody, but his alter ego is famous?

How about all three of those guys, and their stories are interconnected, richly woven, and just more than your average romance novel? US ~~~ Your Country's Amazon
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The Runaway Princess (Flicka) series is now complete in audio, and Jason Clarke and Lucy Rivers did a fantastic job. I couldn't be happier with it. I don't usually listen to audiobooks, but Jason Clarke is just something to listen to. Wow.

Get the final audiobook of the Flicka series here!


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Start the Runaway Princess: Flicka series with
Flicka #1, Once Upon A Time!
Free ebook and whispersync'd audiobook!
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Royal (Newly Published Maxence #4, May 20, 2021):

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Dree has been swindled, chased, heartbroken, conscripted, and kidnapped.
What on Earth could be worse than all that?
Don’t ask.
Don’t miss the exciting next book of the Maxence saga! 

Free Extended Sample of the first Maxence book here!
Get A Game of Billionaires now.




Get the Wulf and Rae Paperbacks here!

Billionaire in Disguise: Rae Paperbacks here!

Book #1 — A Billionaire in Disguise Paperback at Amazon
Book #2 — A Tycoon Undercover Paperback at Amazon
Book #3 — A Prince Incognito Paperback at Amazon
Book #4 — Billionaire Ever After Paperback at Amazon

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July 20, 2021 Pre-Order Reign (Max #5) in ebook or audiobook here! (available at ALL ebook websites.)

September, 2021 — Pre-Order Under Parr from Apple Books (other ebook websites coming soon!)






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