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What Authors Feel Like When Staring At A Blank Screen

I'm starting the work on Flicka von Hannover's books. The first one is called Once Upon A Time, and yes, they're very fairy-tale. She is a princess, after all.

Wow, this is a HUGE project. I'm at that place in the early outlining where I think I can't possibly do it.

Rae was my first long romance work, and it turned out pretty well. I'm rereading parts of it, and I'm proud of the narrative. Lizzy's books were next, and they were darker but good. Georgie and Xan? I feel like I knocked those out of the park. I'm still astonished that I managed to pull that one off. And some people say that Casimir's and Arthur's books are even better.

And now?

Well, this is another enormous project.

Don't get me wrong. I'm excited as all heck to start it. I'm rereading some of the my previous books and epilogues. The male-main-character finally gave up his secrets to me last night, and I think you're going to love him. I can hardly wait for you to see it.

But, sometimes it's hard. It's kind of like performance anxiety, I suppose. Even though this isn't a stage performance and it doesn't have to be perfect the first time, it's still an imposing task. This is Flicka. I've been planting seeds and laying down clues since I was writing BID: Rae, and I've had bits in so many books that I'm nervous about pulling it off.

So, I hope you'll like it when it's done.

Thank you for your support,


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Nancy says October 23, 2017

Can’t wait!!!

Serena Buffaloe says October 24, 2017

Of COURSE we are going to LOVE IT !!! Silly girl :)))

Donna Couling says October 24, 2017

So relieved to hear that Flicka story is coming. And then Maxence’s ? Please? I worry about him! Just rereading all your stories and loving them all over again! Thank you .

    Blair says October 24, 2017

    Yep, that is the plan. Flicka, then Maxence’s. Have a great day!

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