Secret Billionaires (Casimir & Arthur) eBook Bundle


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6-Ebook Bundle comprising 2 complete series: Best friends Casimir and Arthur!

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Two-Book Duet: Casimir van Amsberg AND Four-Book Series: Arthur Finch-Hatten

An office romance where the hot-shot lawyer, Casimir van Amsberg, pines for his unattainable paralegal: think Suits with a slow-burn, royal twist.

Casimir van Amsberg—a top Hollywood entertainment lawyer with a cocky closer attitude—is obsessed with his curvy, smart aleck paralegal, but she’s married. Caz never goes after married women.

He fell first and hard, and he pines for her every moment they work together, hiding his true feelings.

Because. She’s. Married.

Roxanne O’Neil isn’t married.

When she joined the law firm, the other girls warned her that hot, hunky Casimir was a heartbreaker, so she bought herself a ring of the finest cubic zirconia and declared herself off-limits.

But then they became friends.

His emerald eyes sparkle with mischief when they’re together.

And then Rox accidentally ends up living with him.

Platonically, of course.

But sometimes, the softness in his eyes and “accidental” touches make her yearn for more.

What’s a working stiff to do when she falls in love with the boss?

Arthur Finch-Hatten is six-feet four-inches of hot, ripped, loaded English billionaire nobleman who is wasting his life and his earldom so audaciously that his younger brother is suing him for control. Arthur stands to lose everything, including his cover as an MI-6 spy.

Genevieve is a lawyer, not a babysitter, and certainly not a dog trainer. She is just about to become a full barrister, a British litigating attorney, when her law mentor dies unexpectedly. She is shuffled off to another barrister, one who’s nothing at all like her kind and decent former mentor, and then she is assigned the office’s worst case: Arthur.

Arthur is enough to make any woman need a stiff drink.

If you like:

• Enemies to Lovers
• Billionaire Romance
• Secret MI6 Spies
• Danger and Romantic Suspense
• Little dogs causing a ruckus

You’ll love Arthur Finch-Hatten!

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