Royal Romance Superbundle Boxed Set


$30 value! 40% off Retail Price.
3 Complete series with Epilogues, all in the correct reading order!

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12 Books. 3 Complete series. 3 Hot-as-heck royal billionaires to knock your socks off.

Do you dream about meeting a mysterious man with singular tastes? Or a rising star who will give you the world? How about a man who says he’s just an idle rich nobody, but his alter ego is famous?

How about all three of those guys, and their stories are interconnected, richly woven, and just more than your average romance novel?

Together for the first time! Here’s the complete stories of Wulf von Hannover, Theo Valencia, and Alexandre Valentine, all wrapped up in a special boxed set just for you. This special boxed set includes the novels plus the short stories and epilogues for all three series, and they’re all in correct reading order.

These layered, intricate stories will have you gasping from surprise . . . and more.


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