Casimir Audiobook Bundle (Working Stiff / Hard Work)


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Over 12 hours. Narrated by Joe Arden.

An office romance where the hot-shot lawyer pines for his unattainable paralegal: think Suits with a slow-burn, royal twist.

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BOTH AUDIOBOOKS of the Casimir Duet, together! Get the whole story of hot, hunky Casimir and hotheaded Roxanne O'Neil. Over 12 hours for your listening “pleasure.” Narrated by Joe Arden.

Casimir van Amsberg—a top Hollywood entertainment lawyer with a cocky closer attitude—is obsessed with his curvy, smart aleck paralegal, but she’s married. Caz never goes after married women.

He fell first and hard, and he pines for her every moment they work together, hiding his true feelings.

Because. She’s. Married.


Roxanne O’Neil isn’t married.

When she joined the law firm, the other girls warned her that hot, hunky Casimir was a heartbreaker, so she bought herself a ring of the finest cubic zirconia and declared herself off-limits.

But then they became friends.

His emerald eyes sparkle with mischief when they’re together.

And then Rox accidentally ends up living with him.

Platonically, of course.

But sometimes, the softness in his eyes and “accidental” touches make her yearn for more.

What’s a working stiff to do when she falls in love with the boss?



✓ Friends to Lovers

✓ Secret Royals

✓ Over the Top Romantic Suspense

✓ and always, Thrillers that Bang!

For absence of doubt: this product is a digital download of two audiobooks. Phones or listening device NOT included.

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audiobook bundle, two audiobooks.


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