Here is Large Gray One wearing his official no-licky shirt that I bought him from the River Place.

According to the vet who fat-shamed him last summer, he's “clinically obese,” and that's why the bodysuit is just a belly shirt on him.

Ahem, he's not even the most overweight cat in the house, let alone the general feline population.

He's cuddled up to my pillow on my bed here, having a nice nap. I change his shirt every 36 hours or so, washing the other one in the meantime. When I make him another one, I'll start changing them every morning.

His wounds where he licked himself raw are looking MUCH better. I put Neosporin on one of them before I put his shirt back on yesterday, and the rest are all healthily scabbed over and healing well. Hopefully, not more than another week of wearing clothes for this portly gent.

The funny thing is that, because he's wearing a shirt, he looks like he's NOT wearing pants, and that's obscene.

And then there's just the other two cats running around entirely naked, which is now weird.

Have a great weekend!

Love and Books,