This is the excuse I'm going with for why I haven't published a book in so long.

The Orange Beast was sound asleep on my arm while I was trying to type. Note polydactyl wittle paw sticking out there. When he decides to grace you with his sleeping form, he is determined and you'd just better get used to it.

If you notice in the corner of the screen, I was in my readers' Facebook group, probably uploading a meme.

But the cat is definitely the reason why writing is slow.


By the way, I have been writing. Indeed, I should have a new release in a few months. Here's a little taste.

FYI, Blaze sorta kidnapped Sarah, and she's concerned about her horse, Charlie, and her cow, HowNow the Brown Cow.


Blaze's biceps and shoulders rounded under his skin and khaki shirt as he crossed his arms. Even the thick column of his neck looked strong. His shirt must have been soft because the fabric clung to his body, settling onto the stacked bricks of his abs on his torso and clinging to his tight waist.

The black ink of the tattoos trailing past his elbows to his forearms looked like vine tendrils.

Sarah’s face felt a little warm, like she needed to fan herself.

Must have been from the “Mexican” food.

“Okay,” he said. “I’ll deep-fake your voice using your SnipSnap videos and call your friends to make sure Charlie and HowNow have been found.”

“But I won’t know if you really called if I don’t hear you,” she said. “You could just say you did.”

He nodded. “You can be in my office while I talk to them, but there’s a condition.”

“Yeah?” Sarah said, breathless. Charlie and HowNow had to be okay. She felt it, but she needed to know it. “I’ll do it. Whatever it is, I’ll do it.”

He leveled his gaze at her, his eyes steady on hers like he was looking into her soul. “You should hear the condition first.”

She blinked, nervous tremors starting in her stomach. “Okay?”

“I’ll have to tie you up.” His chin dropped while his gaze still bored into hers, and his voice lowered to deep bass tones. “And I’m very good at tying people up.”

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