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(Used to be titled Shine, but now has a new title)

FROM BLAIR: Yes, Shine has a new title because I got to thinking about it too much. As a matter of fact, Twisted and Tangled are getting new names, too. What's inside will stay the same (except for the covers, of course.) But I really, really like the new covers for all of them. 

Also from Blair: Yes, I will start raising the price to $5 tomorrow. If you haven't picked it up yet, grab it quick!


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I was working marks in A.C. when I met Micah Shine, who seemed as if he might be that mythical beast, an honest man. I threw out the bait, and he didn’t bite.

Micah was tall, ripped, rich, and hot, and when he took off his sunglasses, his eyes were the green-flecked silver of opals.

That night, he seemed sober, conscientious, and kind, scrupulous in his honesty, and a freaking magician in bed.

I should have realized that if I wasn’t the con artist that night, I was the sucker.


Blair's September Book: MATCH PLAY — a lighter rom com from Blair!

Standalone Rom Com

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Billionaire Mitchell Saltonstall needs a fiancée, right now, and a pretend-fiancée is just fine with him. Mitchell accidentally became the face of Match Play in an interview, and no one will trust a dating app with a single CEO.

The very last person he should have conscripted to be his fake fiancée was Arielle Carter, the cute, sassy blond secretary in the front office, whom he’d literally grabbed around the waist during an interview and dragged against his side, whispering that he’d pay her ten thousand dollars to kiss him for the cameras.

Mitchell hadn’t known that Arielle’s father was the original investor who’d lost his life savings in the failing tee-times app, and that’s why she hates his guts.



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