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Extravagant Proposal by Blair Babylon

To be read anytime after Billionaires in Disguise: Rae.

Click here to get Alwaysland, A Xan Valentine Prologue, for free!

Read after the Lizzy Series, meaning after Buring Bright, before What A Girl Wants, Somebody to Love, Every Breath You Take,  etc.

Dream On & Keep Dreaming

To be read after the Xan/Georgie series, but before the Runaway Princess series.

Small Miracles -- A Killer Valentine Epilogue

To be read at the end of all the Killer Valentine saga, after all of What A Girl Wants, Somebody to Love, the Georgie/Xan series, The Rock Star's Secret Baby, and Santa, Baby. An end to all the Killer Valentines, in Monaco.

All I Want for Christmas is You

The LAST Rock Stars Epilogue. A Killer Valentine concert in Paris for Christmas.

Babylonian Stories by Blair Babylon

I wrote some of these stories a long time ago. None of them take place in the "BID universe," but it's just something more for fun. Happy reading!

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