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First, a new book from my author buddy Julia Kent! And it's adorbs. You MUST get it. Srsly. 

Also, let's talk about Xan Valentine.
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FROM BLAIR: Love You Right is an adorable new novel from my author buddy Julia Kent. It's funny. It's light. It makes you forget all the shit going on in your life and just laugh for a while. 

The Love You series is a brand new series from Julia. Each is a standalone novel about a different couple, so you can read each as it comes out.  I loved the first one. You should get this book. ~BB

A missed opportunity five years ago makes for an unexpected encounter now between two people meant for each other – but who square off in a very public battle of wills in the small town of Love You, Maine, where every day is Valentine's Day. Can love conquer all in a town steeped in it?  

Grab a cup of (properly good) coffee, a can of hot cocoa mix, a jar of Fluff and maybe some calamine lotion (just in case), and get your happymeter ready as you read the very first book in New York Times bestselling romantic comedy author Julia Kent's Love You, Maine series – where love isn't just a feeling – it's a way of life.
✓Enemies to Lovers
✓Small town romance
✓Lumberjack and city slicker outsider… and a cat named Calamine

Narrated by Erin Mallon and Teddy Hamilton

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If you haven't met him before, I mean.

I published the Xan books in 2015, which seems so long ago now.

I was looking back at them the other day, and they're really some of my best work. I absolutely loved writing them. Xan was one of those characters who stepped out of the ether and into my mind, fully formed. I already knew him when I started writing.

Granted, I wrote two other books where he was a minor character before that, but I'd written the first scene for Every Breath You Take before I wrote those two other books.

And I'd written the short story “Alwaysland,” of course, that is a prequel to the Xan books for one of the LOL anthologies. You can download “Alwaysland” here for F – R – 3 – E as a newsletter subscriber! 

The first book in the Xan series is Every Breath You Take, available here. All the links are at that page on my website.

And it's no-cost on all the websites! I try to have several of my books for no-munny because I get it. I'm a reader, too. Plus, it gives you a chance to see whether you like a series and character the easy way.

After the Midnight Fight

Xan Valentine

Xan Valentine walked down the steps of the tall tour bus into the early-morning dark, gathering his long hair behind his head and scanning the hotel parking lot. The bleached ends of his hair fluttered in the breeze at the fringes of his eyesight, and he cleared his throat. The clamping pain in his throat staggered him as those muscles flexed.

In the lonely night at the back of the hotel’s parking lot, a black sedan flashed its headlights twice. Fetid diesel exhaust from the growling tour bus stung his nose and throat, leaving a taste like asphalt in his mouth and a jangling tone between D and D-sharp ringing in his head.

The heavy garment bag he carried dragged on his shoulder. The monogram AV glinted in the parking lot’s lights, the white stitching bright against the black leather. He grabbed the handle of a large, abnormally thick guitar case with his other hand. Between his black velvet sleeve and the black guitar case, his pale hand floated in the darkness, ghostly, like a bad horror movie.

Jonas, the band’s manager, had walked down the steps behind Xan and clapped a hand on his shoulder. “It’s only a few small shows.”

Xan swallowed to moisten his throat and rasped out, “No such thing as a small show.”

The hoarseness in his own voice scoured his throat and drowned out his cultivated English accent, and he sounded more American than ever. Appalling.

“Yeah, there is such a thing as a small show, and the next three were small shows.” The sodium parking lot lamps made Jonas’s green eyes glow like a cat when Xan glanced sideways and down at him. Jonas said, “Rest your voice this weekend. Go find a cabin in the woods. Play your guitar, if you want. Read a book. Binge-watch movies. Don’t talk. Don’t shout. Don’t sing. Don’t make a damned sound until you have to warm up your throat for the show in Miami next week.”

“I could have done them all,” Xan grated out, forcing his voice. His throat felt like rocks were grinding his flesh in there. “We shouldn’t have cancelled them.”

“You’ll feel better in a few days,” Jonas said. “The whole East Coast leg will go better if you rest.”

Xan walked away, his frock coat costume billowing behind him as he strode over the asphalt and between the cars to the black sedan waiting in the back of the lot. The chrome handle chilled his hand when he grasped the back door’s latch.

He looked back. The tour bus, black and anonymous to confuse the fans who didn’t do their research, hulked under the lights, and the other members of Killer Valentine filed off and staggered into the hotel after the long drive from the last venue and the vicious shouting match on the bus.

Xan Valentine opened the car door, slid into the back seat, and disintegrated into a thousand dark fragments.


Book #1 is TWISTED.

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~~~~~Now Available!~~~~~
Book #2 is TANGLED,
and the duet is COMPLETE!

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Behind every great fortune lies a great crime, and for Tristan “Twist” King, the time has come to commit his.  

And that's when things get TWISTED.


Two young do-gooders working to change the world find friendship and maybe more in a cutthroat business, but when the stakes are higher than they ever imagined, will a betrayal bring them together—or ruin everything?

Love You Wrong is a novel-length prequel, introducing New York Times bestselling romantic comedy author Julia Kent’s new Love You, Maine series. If you love rom coms about friends who are meant for more, deep intrigue, big misunderstandings, tests of loyalty, and small town/big city clashes, then pick up this prequel and try out a new-to-you series.


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Pre-Order MATCH PLAY (Mitchell Saltonstall, Last Chance, Inc.)
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Billionaire Mitchell Saltonstall needs a fiancée, right now, and a pretend-fiancée is just fine with him.

One drunken New Year’s Eve, Mitchell and his buddies wagered a hundred mil each against Gabriel “The Shark” Fish that they were better at business than he was. Never, ever bet that kind of cash against a guy with a nickname like “The Shark.”

Mitchell tried to buy a golf course, but that fell through. He tried to buy a sports store, and that deal blew up in his face. Finally, he found a golf tee-times booking app that was floundering. He bought it from the original investors for pennies on the dollar and rechristened it “Match Play,” a dating service app for single golfers, assuring them that “It’s just golf!” and they can “Play A Round” with golfing singles in their area.

Oh, the puns are endless, but pictures of “giant knobby-headed drivers” are strictly forbidden.

The problem is that Mitchell accidentally became the face of Match Play in an interview, and no one will trust a dating app with a single CEO.

The very last person he should have conscripted to be his fake fiancée was Arielle Carter, the cute, sassy blond secretary in the front office, whom he’d literally grabbed around the waist during an interview and dragged against his side, whispering that he’d pay her ten thousand dollars to kiss him for the cameras.

He didn’t know she’d melt against him and her kiss would turn him on like stadium lights.

Or that with a makeover for the television commercials, Arielle Carter would become an absolute bombshell and he wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off of her.

And he really hadn’t known that Arielle’s father was the original investor who’d lost his life savings in the failing tee-times app, and that’s why she hates Mitchell’s guts.

During the months-long promotional tour to regional golf shows to sign up new singles, the air between them crackles with attraction, and their kisses and caresses seem more real. In Los Angeles, after a particularly convincing photo spread for Golf Journal, they discover that the five-star hotel room has only one bed.

They’re stuck together until next New Year’s Eve when the bet with The Shark ends, or Mitchell will lose everything he’s worked for.

Assuming Arielle doesn’t bean him with a golf club first.


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You can’t con an honest man, but I’d never met one of those.

Until Micah Shine.

I come from a long line of con artists. Grifters, if you will. Card cheats and honey traps and catfishers. My mother married wealthy men who died suddenly, and Dad counted cards at blackjack in Atlantic City until the Mafia offed him.

Like father, like daughter.

I was working marks in A.C. when I met Micah Shine, who seemed as if he might be that mythical beast, an honest man. I threw out the bait, and he didn’t bite.

Micah was tall, ripped, rich, and hot, and when he took off his sunglasses, his eyes were the green-flecked silver of opals.

That night, he seemed sober, conscientious, and kind, scrupulous in his honesty, and a freaking magician in bed.

That should have been my clue. Magicians are just another kind of con artist, but it didn’t register. I was smitten until it all fell apart.

I should’ve known.

Because I should have realized that if I wasn’t the con artist that night, I was the mark.

When Micah Shine showed up again the next weekend, I should have left him alone and walked away. But game recognizes game, so I sat down beside him at the poker table.

He offered to cut me in on the biggest con I’d ever heard of.

And that’s when I fell in love.

But that didn’t mean I was a sucker.

Including your favorite tropes:

  • Romantic suspense thriller
  • Enemies to lovers
  • Mistaken identity
  • Con men
  • Le Rosey men (Blair's billionaire boarding school)

USA Today Bestselling Author Blair Babylon writes bestselling romance books that will free your mind. These five star billionaire boss, enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, and romantic comedy romantic novels quickly turn into suspense thriller books that will make your pulse pound and soothe your heart. Whether the couple are trapped in a pretend marriage or there’s only one bed, Blair’s books are like romancing your own duke, mister, or billionaire. Some are an ugly cry, some are an affair to remember with a king or a prince, and some are a few shades darker, but all are unputdownable. Fans of Danielle Steel, E.L. James, Helen Hardt, Anna Todd, and Charlotte Byrd will love Blair’s romantic books and romance audiobooks. Set your heart free and download these fantastic, complete series!