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If I lose this bet, it will bankrupt the company that I and my three best friends have built for the last ten years. But to win it, I have to destroy what Tiffany Jones loves the most.

It was a stupid, drunken, New Year’s Eve bet. We would each buy a golf business, and whoever increased their business’s net worth the most would win the bet.

But we each bet a hundred million dollars.

And we all bet against Gabriel “The Shark.”

The winner will walk away with half a billion dollars. The other four guys will be bankrupt.

So I bought Newcastle Golf Club, a picturesque but struggling community golf course in New England. I had big plans to turn it around, invest in the course and the club, and attract members from the McMansion enclave of new millionaires who’d made their fortunes in tech and Boston real estate just a few miles away.

But I didn’t count on the club’s golf instructor, Tiffany Jones, standing in my way. She’s a sweet, curvy woman with the golf swing of a ballet dancer and the personality of a momma bear who’s protecting her cub. I mean, club.

She insists that the Newcastle Golf Club is an important part of the community as it is, and my plans to upgrade and raise the membership dues will destroy its most important role.

But if I don’t, I’ll lose the bet and my friends’ investments.

But she’s beautiful, and she’s passionate, and she’s absolutely fascinating to talk to. I want to show her the whole world and see it through her eyes.

But first, I have to win the bet, or Gabriel “The Shark” will walk away with everything we’ve worked for.


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