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Hasty by Julia Kent — So Perfect!

When I pick up a Julia Kent book, I know I'm going to enjoy it like I enjoy fine, eight-month aged manchego cheese or a brilliantly executed Hasty pudding.

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Her newest book, Hasty, is the capstone for the Do-Over series, a lovely series of second-chance romances where four friends have a chance to do over their life mistakes and do the guys who got away. Hastings “Hasty” Monahan has soared the highest by her own standards, which means she has the farthest to fall, and fall she does.

Hasty is that character who you love to hate in the beginning, and then she works so hard and does so much that you have to love her by the end and you're so glad you went along for the ride. The ending is like fine cheese: robust, pleasantly salty, with sharp and witty notes, amusing on the palate, and entirely delicious.

The series that started with Little Miss Perfect has ended with four perfect love stories.

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