Here is a hot book boyfriend so you will pay attention to this.

OMG OMG OMG — DON'T BUY the little short stories that I”m publishing for like FIVE MINUTES on Amazon, like “All I Want for Xmas!”

I need the ASIN, the Amazon publishing codes, for the epilogue page on my website. Bookfunnel needs them to display the cover properly on some Kindle devices. But I'm publishing them and YANKING them, just to get the codes!

That's why they're $10. Because I DON'T want anyone to buy them when they'll be free on my website. 

If you did buy it, RETURN IT! 

I mean, thanks, but no. I would never charge my readers $10 for a short story. YIKES. Sorry about any misunderstanding,
If you're dying to buy something, buy this.

This boxed set is actually worth $10. 4 full novels. Read more about it here on my blog about whether it's right for you.

Also, there will be a regularly scheduled newsletter coming either today or in the next couple of days with more info on the boxed set and some fun and free stuff. I've been putting a bunch of the epilogues up on my website for free, and the link is in that newsletter, and will be in just about every newsletter that I send from now on.

Thank you for your support, 
~Also, Blair