Blair Babylon
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“Pure Magic”

“PURE MAGIC” — Reviews are coming in for *Dragons & Magic!* Thank you SO MUCH for helping make D&M such a success! 



Dragons & Magic by Blair Babylon

“Dragons and Magic is overflowing with so much depth and emotion that I don’t mind one bit that it is shorter than the usual books I read. These types of stories are what make my heart sing and come to life after crawling out from underneath emotion and soul heavy books. I want to sing from the rooftops just how marvelous and entertaining and brilliant this book truly is! If this the start of a series, it is going to blow your mind and have your heart singing your favorite song for a very long time to come.

Math isn’t looking for any changes in his life. It is perfect just the way it is. No emotional entanglements or unwanted obligations heading his way. When an unexpected meeting requested by the Dragon King and Queen tils his well-oiled world on its tail, he know something is coming. When he least expects it, a witch named Bethany comes waltzing into his life cleaning up and organizing more than he ever dreamed possible. All she wants is a job to keep her head above water and hopefully improve her temperamental magic. Can an unreliable witch and a lonely dragon show each other the vital part of their life that is missing? Will either believe what Fate shows them is right in front of their eyes?

These two characters warmed my heart and allowed me to enjoy every aspect of this story in such rich detail. They were very independent and yet then couldn’t fight against what their heart truly wanted. They were both funny, intelligent, and kind which added such wonderful depth to their already amazing characters. What a crazy, beautiful, and spectacular story that brought such joy and happiness to my heavy heart! I can’t wait to find out what happens next!

Blair Babylon has never failed to capture and delight my heart with her magnificent masterpieces, and this one is just as brilliant! Even with writing paranormal romance, her writing still shines above the rest as a beacon of excellence and hope. I can’t wait to read more of her within this genre since it is my second favorite. She blew any expectations I had completely away. What I found within these pages is pure magic, and I am dying to read more!” 

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