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New Book by Blair Coming Soon!

I'm so excited to show you my NEW series that I hope you'll LOVE as much as I do! As I've said, I'm a reader first, and I love to read *lots* of different kinds of books. Thrillers, science fiction, urban fantasy, and of course lots of romance, I just love to dive into the pages of a great book and hang out with the characters. Well, this trilogy of paranormal romances came from a whole different part of my brain that loves reading funny, silly, happy romcom PNR romances. And that's what these are! These three novels (due out January – March, 2019,) are fun, romantic comedy paranormal romance. I hope you like reading them as much as I've LOVED writing them!

Book 1: Dragons & Magic

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Jill Brungardt says

I can’t wait for this new series. I’m super excited!!

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