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Surprise New Release from Blair Babylon!

I'm so excited to be able to share my new project with you! I've decided to branch out into PNR, and I've rewritten ALL my Billionaires in Disguise books as SHIFTERS IN DISGUISE! The first one up is the tale of a man who is a prince among werewolves. Yes, it's WULF WOLF.

Don't miss future releases: Theo Leo, Caz Taz, and Xan Orangutan. Not to mention: Lizzie Lizzard and Georgie Georgia Bulldog!

Happy Easter!

(And April Fools.)

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Nancy says April 8, 2018

Really enjoyed your new book. Waiting impatiently for the next one.

Debbie Gajdos says April 9, 2018

I fell in love with “Working Stiff” and have read EVERYTHING you’ve done so far. I will be diving into “Once Upon A Time” tomorrow!!

Janet says May 19, 2018

Did you happen to notice that one of Nicole French’s books has the same cover as one of your Flicka books – just in reverse?

I was a bit surprised!

I love your books, and have read them all multiple times. I am especially enthralled with Arthur and Genevieve. I go back to them regularly.

Thank you for all the many hours of pleasure you have given me.

    Blair says May 20, 2018

    A lot of art that is on book covers is from stock photography sites. I’m sure that her cover designer also legally purchased and used the stock photo. Even traditional publishing houses make covers this way. Even movie studios use stock photos on the movie posters. Thanks for looking out for me!

IonaCabot says August 25, 2018

Of course I absolutely love everything you have written, that I can find available that is. (nudge – perhaps the Angel that I can’t find, can be re-vitalized for yet another series, um with Noah?? maybe ;). My question is: why the duality in the titles for Runaway Princess #3? I like both actually. Can you divulge how ‘In Shining Armor’ won out over ‘On a White Horse’?
I’ve visited this website once before, yet I didn’t comment. This site is a slick, eye catching, hormone releasing, fantastic inducement for all to dive right in! Yet another very well done marketing tool. Congratulations!

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