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Working on NEW COVERS!

I've had problems working with cover designers in the past.

At first, I started publishing on a shoestring in 2014 because I had no faith in myself and that people might actually want to read something I wrote. (I really have to write that blog post about how romance readers saved me.) Back then, there were only a few cover designers, and the good ones all seemed to charge enormous amounts for just one cover.

The cheap ones, meh. I could do that. I had Photoshop skillz.

Over the years, I've tried to work with a few cover designers, and they usually ended with me ranting to friends. One guy thought that a mostly nude woman was just fine for a cover, when I knew that Amazon would censor a cover with squished-out sideboob and even a hint of nipple on it. Others were just lazy.

But now, I'm working with Amy Quaeu of QDesign, and DANG, she's great. I probably scared the life out of her by emailing her 8 pages of thoughts, notes, and other covers that I liked, but she was up to the fight.

And she came back with that for Billionaires in Disguise: Rae

It's perfect. It's phenomenal.

I've already got all 5 covers for Flicka's story from her, and I can hardly wait to show them to you. They're amazing, but I'll have to be a tease because they won't be shown until the cover reveal on the last week of March.

But ALL my books will be recovered in the next few months, and I'm thrilled. I hope you love them as much as I do.

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