Behind every great fortune lies a great crime, and for Tristan "Twist" King, the time has come to commit his.  

Tristan is twenty-six years old, six-feet-four, wealthy, frighteningly good at day-trading stocks, and lives on a yacht in Monaco. The Prince of Monaco is his buddy from boarding school, and his other friends are billionaires, politicians, CEOs, actors, and rock stars. He dates heiresses, minor princesses, models, and Fortune 50 VPs. He has it all. 

But a debt has come due, and Tristan needs a large amount of stock of a certain company, GameShack. If he doesn't produce it, he’ll be in debt for the rest of his life. It’s worth far more money than Tristan has. It's more money than anyone has.

To get the stock, Tristan has to destroy GameShack. 

He haunts the stock forum SherwoodForest day and night, looking for a crack in the company's financial armor, until the forum's moderator, QueenMod, suspects his motives and trolls his every move.

But he’ll figure it out. He has to. Otherwise, he’ll not only be broke and in debt, but it will probably cost him his life.

What Tristan hadn't counted on was meeting Colleen Frost, a perky, funny GameShack employee while on a recon trip. She has no idea what he's up to, or so he thought.  


By day, Colleen Frost works the register at GameShack, but by night, she's a moderator on the infamous stock market activist website SherwoodForest. She's paid back half her student loans by trolling short-traders who tried to make a quick buck by setting companies on fire and selling the ashes.

And it's fun, too.  

When her sub-forum begins to crackle with rumors that someone is trying to crash GameShack's stock, she suspects forum member TwistyTrader might be in on it. So, she dogs him every time he's online, calling out his baloney and making his forum life a living heck.

But when a tall, handsome hunk named Tristan King with incredible sapphire eyes walks into her GameShack store and starts flirting with her, all the while chatting about her favorite videogame, she gives him her online contact info, which turns into a coffee date, which turns into more.  

And that's when things get TWISTED.

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About the Book

All of Blair Babylon’s books include mature themes, characters who act like adults, an unusual number of dead bodies for romance novels, people working through past trauma, dark humor, philosophy, nifty vocabulary, and explicit spicy scenes that may include bondage, domination/submission, sadism, masochism, roughness, positions that only highly trained contortionists should attempt, and deep, serious emotions.

Children and animals are sometimes in danger but are never injured nor murdered.

Things Blair’s books do not include / Blair does not write about: rape described in detail for titillation, any kind of sexual violence described in detail for titillation, coerced sex that happens (may be threatened), forced pregnancy that happens (may be threatened), noncon, dubcon, child abuse, CSA, or animal abuse.

In the very few instances where a character is sexually assaulted, it either happens entirely off the page, happened before the book began, or is not shown in detail. For instance, at one point, a sexual assault that happens in a book is entirely contained in the words, “And then—” Characters deal with the trauma afterward, and—and I cannot stress this enough—and then they get through it and reach a place where they are okay.




Sex, Explicit / Spicy / Five-Chili-Peppers / Earphones highly recommended for audiobook
Nudity, Explicitly Described
Bondage / BDSM / RACK / SSC / Similar Kink
Dominance / Submission / Total Power Exchange
Sexual Positions that only skilled contortionists should attempt
Discussion of Prior Sexual Assault (referred to, happened in the past, not on the page)
Kidnapping / Murder / Non-Sexual Violence
Discussion of Child Sexual Abuse
Discussion of Human Trafficking / Modern Slavery / Sexual Slavery
Weapons Trafficking / Drug Smuggling / Money Laundering
Mafia / Bratva / Organized Crime

Series: Billionaires in Disguise, Twisted Billionaires
Genre: Contemporary Romance
ASIN: B099J9D487
ISBN: 9781950220557