Colleen’s troubles started 48 hours ago, when a tall, hot billionaire accidentally got her fired. But Tristan “Twist” King felt bad about it, so he hired her to fly all over the States with him as a “consultant.”

Since then, she’s been shot at, threatened, and sort of-inducted into the Russian mafia against her will.

Which was all worth it after she sneaked into Tristan’s hotel room one night with the keycard he gave her. One glorious, spicy night where he did things she’d never dreamed of before.

And then the next afternoon, too.

But she messed everything up by helping one of the bad guys’ teenaged victims escape.

Now the Russians are hunting her.

And the only way to keep ahead of the bratva is to keep travelling with Tristan on his private jet to the most glamorous places in the world,

And looking over her shoulder the whole time.

A person can’t live like that, but their days are glamorous and exciting and their nights are amazing.

Something has to break.


Tristan King has something the Russian organized crime lords are after, and they’ll stop at nothing to get it. The reason he’s so wealthy is that he’s a computer genius, and he’s created some programs that would be devastating in the wrong hands.

The Russian mafia is very definitely the wrong hands.

But now his life is tangled up with Colleen Frost’s. She sweet, and funny, and smart as a whip.

And she’s just as into those as Tristan is, too.

Tristan King has found his soulmate, but both their lives are in danger. The only way to stay ahead of the Russian mob is to keep moving. They jet around the world, exploring a different city every day and exploring each other every night in a different bed.

He could go on like this forever.

But the Russian mafia is catching up with them.

It has to end. Tristan has to save her.

Behind every great fortune lies a great crime, and Tristan "Twist" King has to commit his to save both himself and Colleen.

TANGLED is the final book in the Twisted and Tangled Duet! The Scholarship Mafia series continues next with Micah in CONNING THE BILLIONAIRE. Don’t miss a book in this amazing series!


USA Today Bestselling Author Blair Babylon writes bestselling romance books that will free your mind. These five star billionaire boss, enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, and romantic comedy romantic novels quickly turn into suspense thriller books that will make your pulse pound and soothe your heart. Whether the couple are trapped in a pretend marriage or there’s only one bed, Blair’s books are like romancing your own duke, mister, or billionaire. Some are an ugly cry, some are an affair to remember with a king or a prince, and some are a few shades darker, but all are unputdownable. Fans of Danielle Steel, E.L. James, Helen Hardt, Anna Todd, and Charlotte Byrd will love Blair's romantic books and romance audiobooks. Set your heart free and download these fantastic, complete series!

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About the Book

All of Blair Babylon’s books include mature themes, characters who act like adults, an unusual number of dead bodies for romance novels, people working through past trauma, dark humor, philosophy, nifty vocabulary, and explicit spicy scenes that may include bondage, domination/submission, sadism, masochism, roughness, positions that only highly trained contortionists should attempt, and deep, serious emotions.

Children and animals are sometimes in danger but are never injured nor murdered.

Things Blair’s books do not include / Blair does not write about: rape described in detail for titillation, any kind of sexual violence described in detail for titillation, coerced sex that happens (may be threatened), forced pregnancy that happens (may be threatened), noncon, dubcon, child abuse, CSA, or animal abuse.

In the very few instances where a character is sexually assaulted, it either happens entirely off the page, happened before the book began, or is not shown in detail. For instance, at one point, a sexual assault that happens in a book is entirely contained in the words, “And then—” Characters deal with the trauma afterward, and—and I cannot stress this enough—and then they get through it and reach a place where they are okay.

In the list, “Discussed” means this category is discussed but does not happen.




Sex, Explicit / Spicy / Five-Chili-Peppers / Earphones highly recommended for audiobook
Nudity, Explicitly Described
Bondage / BDSM / RACK / SSC / Similar Kink
Dominance / Submission / Total Power Exchange
Sexual Positions that only skilled contortionists should attempt
Kidnapping / Murder / Non-Sexual Violence
Sexism / Misogyny / Patriarchy
Child Sexual Abuse, Discussed
Human Trafficking / Modern Slavery / Sexual Slavery, Discussed
Weapons Trafficking / Drug Smuggling / Money Laundering, Discussed
Mafia / Bratva / Organized Crime

Series: Billionaires in Disguise, Twisted Billionaires, Book 2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 9781950220618