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  • August 16, 2020

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Dree Clark thought tall, ripped, thoroughly hot Augustine was her knight in shining armor, until she discovered he was her priest.

Where’s the last place in the world murderous drug dealers from Phoenix would look for a girl who owes them money?


Dree is on the run. Her dead ex-boyfriend owes a whole lot of money to some drug dealers, and if they can’t get the cash from Dree, they’ll take it out of her hide. When Catholic Charities offers Dree a mission into the far reaches of Nepal because they need a nurse, Dree jumps at the opportunity and prays she’ll be safe.

Until she meets the Catholic priest who’ll be leading the mission.

It’s Augustine, the sexy guy from Paris.

But he has a new name, Father Maxence Grimaldi.

Well, she’d told him to lie to her.

She just never thought he’d lie about being a priest.

Now, she’s journeying far out into the wilds with the hot priest.

And oh God, they’re riding motorcycles, and he’s wearing black leather with a priest’s collar.

And there aren’t enough darned tents to go around.

She’s not going to be able to keep her hands off him.

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About the Book
Series: Billionaires in Disguise, Maxence & Dree, Book 5
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Tag: Maxence
ISBN: 9781950220243
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