One Night in Monaco – Blair Babylon

One Night in Monaco

  • November 12, 2019
One Night in Monaco

Secret Billionaires #7

One night in Monaco, my best friend, Maxence, disappeared.

I have no idea what Maxence was doing in Monaco that night. Yeah, he loves the Monte Carlo casino—the venue of British spy movies, billionaires, Russian mafia, and roulette.

But too many people in Monaco think he might be a danger to them.

He never should have been there.

But he was.

So was Simone. She's trouble from our past at boarding school. Her husband is a good friend of some of the people who would be happier if Maxence wasn’t around anymore.

They tell me Maxence was here in the casino, and then a few minutes later, he was gone.

Like he dropped off the face of the Earth.

Or like he was dropped off a cliff and into the blue Mediterranean Sea, which was just a few feet from where he was standing.

Arthur and I are here to find Maxence, no matter what it takes.

But we might end up finding his body.

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Series: Billionaires in Disguise, Maxence & Dree, Book 1
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ISBN: 9781950220069
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