Before Brady: A Never-Him Bridesmaid Romance (Love & Other Calamities Romantic Comedy Book 3)

by Cindy Procter-King 



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She has one rule. Never date a cop. But he craves so much more than her cupcakes…

Enjoy this steamy and emotional summer wedding romance from RWA Golden Heart finalist Cindy Procter-King!

He’s speeding into her heart…

Alicia Maxwell feels pulled in a million directions trying to make her cupcake shop a success. Nothing will stand in her way. Especially not sexy cop Brady Jacobs, who gave her a speeding ticket with a twinkle in his eyes. Then claimed he was just doing his job!

But when chaos erupts in the weeks before a friend’s wedding, Brady turns on the help. And the charm. Ultra-focused Alicia needs neither. Not his fiery touches. Or his sweet kisses. Not—

Oh, no, what is happening? Before long, Alicia yearns for Brady’s heart and his arms…but has she missed her chance?

Before Brady is Book 3 in Cindy Procter-King's Love & Other Calamities Romantic Comedy series of steamy and emotional quick-read romances. Follow Alicia and her girlfriends as they prepare for a wedding and find true love along the way! HEAs guaranteed. Open door, medium heat.

Before Brady is 24000 words and tastes like a :::chef's kiss::: perfect cupcake.