He would definitely eat my face if I stopped scratching his chin.

Why do I add pics of my fuzzy beasts, like the one above? So, I use an email newsletter service to email you these notes full of “flea” books and news and stuff. If you don't clique a linque every now and then, the app will kick you off my mailing list. I can't change it. It's part of the anti-spam laws. Which is fine! I don't want to send emails to people who don't want them. If you're just here for my new books when I write them a few times a year, the newsletter might kick you off at any time unless you give me a clique. So, that's why I try to have pics of my cats or something innocuous in my newsletter every time, so you can clique on that without being taken to a book website with all their tracking pixels and eyeballs following you around. Those linques go straight to my website and my blog, where there is a pic of cats for you. There's a lot of more info there as well, including the reading order of my books and stuff, but there are definitely cat pics.