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The final book of the Billionaires in Disguise: Maxence series has been published, and it is a doozy! I am so humbled that people are loving it. So many wonderful reviews.

“Wow !!! Simply amazing !!! This last book of Max and Dree's story was such an exciting ,excellent read , that I am soooo sad that it has ended……. And not sure what to do with myself.” — Serena B

“Final book in this series and I did not want this to end. There is the HEA, but the journey has several twists before the conclusion. The steam is hot, the drama is engaging and the romance is intense. If you haven’t read the previous books, grab them now and enjoy the escape into the lives of Max and Dree. Definite add to your TBR list.”– Linda

Don’t miss the exciting conclusion of the Billionaires in Disguise: Maxence series, REIGN. 

For one moment, Maxence had everything he wanted. The love of his life, Dree Clark, had said yes, Monaco was secure, and his future was clear and bright. 

For just one moment. 

Now, Maxence stares into the darkness of the barrel of an assault rifle hovering inches from his face, and he prays he can save Dree’s life. 

“Run,” he tells her, but she won’t leave him. 

Maxence thought he would REIGN in Monaco as the sovereign prince with Dree by his side, but now he’s fighting for both their lives.