Blair Babylon
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Giving away a billion dollars shouldn’t be this hard.

Maxence saved Dree Clark from some bad guys in a Parisian bar, then he turned up on a charity mission to Nepal, so how the heck is he the Prince of Monaco?

Or, well, not the prince. A prince. He’s the not head honcho because Monaco doesn’t have a sovereign prince right now. But it needs one.

Maxence is the next person in line for the throne, but he doesn’t want it. He doesn’t want anything to do with it. But other people do want the throne and the billions in wealth that go with it, people with evil agendas or who just want the money. Max is the only guy who stands in their way.

And good people seem to be in short supply.

Plus, he’s distracted by the constant thorn in his side, Dree Clark, who he’s conscripted to be his new secretary. Her curves drive him out of his mind, and her sweet soul is more than he’s ever hoped for. He wants to chase her around the desk and then run away with her to somewhere safe.

Because Monaco is anything but safe for Prince Maxence.