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February 2021 Coupons!

Save $5 on the Xan Valentine Boxed Set!

Lookie what I have for you! I managed to get coupons for 50% off the Xan Valentine Boxed Set, for you from these ebook websites! And I arranged for a SALE for 50% off at Apple Books!

Coupon codes expire on February 21.

Why not Amazon? Because they won't let me. These guys do.

If you're eagerly awaiting PRINCE, Max #3, you might want to read this, cough cough. Because characters. And Monaco. Cough cough.

What you can do: If you read on an iPad, iPhone, or Android phone or tablet like a Google Pixel or Samsung anything, you can go to the Apple App Store or Google Play App Store, download the app for any one of these ebook stores, and use it to get 50% off this book. Or, if you read on an iPad, get it from Apple Books this month, too!

Check out the apps for B&N, Kobo, and Google Play HERE so you can read books from those stores on pretty much any tablet or phone. But not on a Kindle or a Kindle Fire, unless you jail-broke it to use the Google Play app store. Ask a teenager about how to jailbreak your Kindle Fire.

How to get your 50% off at Apple Books for
any iOS device like an iPhone or iPad:
It's on sale at THIS LINK.

How to get your 50% off at Google Play, B&N, and Kobo:
1) Copy the coupon code in bold below.
2) Go to the link right below it.
3) Buy the book and paste in the coupon code at check out.


Get it at Kobo!

^^^ that's the link.

Barnes & Noble:


Get it at Barnes & Noble Nook!

Google Play:


Get it at Google Play Books!

^^^ Click the Link and wait for a minute until the box pops up with the book and coupon already applied. Nifty!

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