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50% off this Blair Book!

Lookie what I have for you! I managed to get a coupon for 50% off the first book of my Rock Stars in Disguise series, What A Girl Wants,for you from these ebook websites!

Why not Amazon and Apple Books? Because they won't let me. These guys do.

What you can do: If you read on an iPad, iPhone, or Android tablet, you can go to the Apple App Store or Google Play App Store download the app for any one of these and use it to get 50% off this book.

How to get your 50% off:
1) Copy the coupon code in bold below.
2) Go to the link right below it.
3) Buy the book and paste in the coupon code at check out.

Kobo — Code: GirlWants50
Barnes & Noble — Code: BNPWAGW50
Google Play Books — Code: 3B4LLN44VJKQT

Wait, why did I go to Blair's blog instead of Google Play?
Because Google Play's links are really slow, and my newsletter service kept saying that the link was broken when it wasn't. Just click the GP link right up there. Sorry.

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