Here we go with my new series (Billionaires in Disguise: Maxence) that begins with Rogue, and Nana Malone's new series (Hear No Evil) that begins with East End!

By: Blair Babylon

FML. I will never believe anything a man tells me, ever again.
Even if he is a 6-feet-4, hot, ripped, handsome as a movie star, filthy rich billionaire.

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By: Nana Malone

My name is East Hale, and these are my confessions.

I might be a member of the Elite, but I'm done being a gentleman.

It's my job to keep Interpol Agent, Nyla Kincaid, away from our operation. If she won't stop, she'll force my hand.

Mark my words. The ferocious agent will bend to my demands. I'm just as ruthless as she is, but unlike her, I don't believe in rules.

I'll keep her distracted even if I have to seduce her myself.