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Big Pickle is Sweet and Spicy!

Oh, wow. I totally needed a funny, spicy book like Big Pickle. This is the cure for what is ailing me.

Get Big Pickle Here: http://smarturl.it/BigPickleJJ

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Jace Pickle is in a jam.

The problem? Smack-talking Nova Strong, who is either everything wrong with his deli, or everything right for him.


Big Pickle is one of the cutest, spiciest books that I've read in ages. I could make all kinds of puns in here about how Jace is one spicy pickle, or this book is a big dill! but the book is just funnier than anything I'm going to come up with.

JJ Knight is simply a treasure. (She also writes under the pen name Deanna Roy.) She's one of the nicest people I know. She's one of those people who, if you're in pickle, you call her. (Dang it, I did it there.) Please take a look at her book, because it's as funny and sweet and hysterical as she is.

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