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STIFF DRINK: Now in Audio!

Oh, wait until you meet ARTHUR FINCH-HATTEN, a naughty, drunken-degenerate British earl with a taste for fine wines, beautiful women, and jetting off to Paris to screw his way across France for the weekend. He’s a silver-eyed, dirty-talking, tattooed nobleman with more money than sense. He’s wasting his earldom and inheritance so audaciously that his younger brother is suing him to take control of the estate for the good of England.

His lawyer, strait-laced Genevieve Ward, needs him to clean up his act immediately.

Arthur would rather show Gen how good it is to be bad.


A dirty British billionaire with an MI6 secret!

I’m so excited to announce that JOHN LANE, the HAWT AND SEXY GENIUS who narrated The Fix-Up by Kendall Ryan, many books like Ravenous and Unmasked by Helen Hardt, a whole bunch of Alexa Riley, books by Lauren Rowe and Melanie Moreland and real-life British person has narrated my book STIFF DRINK, and it’s ready for you!

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