Blair Babylon
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Dragons & Fire, Book 3 of the Dragons & Witches Series

Dragons have fated mates, and Cai Wyvern is doing everything he can to make sure he never, ever meets his.

Dragons & Fire by Blair Babylon

Cai, Duke Wyvern, absolutely, positively, definitely isn’t falling into a mating fever, and he’s made dang sure of that. He doesn’t trust his instincts, so he waits for women to come to him and dates them a few times at most. If he starts feeling any sort of magic tingle, he leaps away from them faster than a dragon can fly.

He’s careful, so careful. His father fell into dragon senescence when his mother left, and Cai will do anything to avoid dying like that.

But when he meets Ember Niamh, a gorgeous, funny, flirty witch who dabbles in the arcane side of witchcraft, he thinks she’s great. 

Really great.

Really the greatest greatly great, ever.

A shiver fills his soul when he looks at her. Magic crests over his skin when she touches him.

And the first time they meet, he ends up on his knees with his head swimming so hard that he can barely remember his own name.

But he will do absolutely anything to avoid falling into mating fever.

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