Blair Babylon
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I have said many times that readers saved me as a writer, but sometimes, a reader does something so amazing, so stunning, that I am astonished, humbled, and honored beyond words.

I am proud to call Michelle Avery Schmidt my friend. She's been reading my work since early on. The first book she read was Somebody to Love (Rock Stars in Disguise: Tryp), which is one of my favorites, too. However, she asked me a few months ago for the design that Casimir (of Working Stiff), Arthur (of Stiff Drink / Hard Liquor), and Maxence have tattooed on their arms. (I think I need to write a short about how they got it. Huh.) And I didn't think any more about it.

Here's what Michelle showed me on Facebook this evening.

I am shocked, humbled, and amazed that Michelle has tattooed on her arm the tri-shield tattoo that the three Runaway Billionaires have on their arms. The tattoo artist did a fantastic job. I am still weepy and grinning like a loon at Michelle's amazing, beautiful tattoo.

Thank you, Michelle, for making the guys' tattoo come to life.

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