Special NEW Sneak Peek! – Blair Babylon
Blair Babylon
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Special NEW Sneak Peek!

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Arawn said, “Dragon shifters have fated mates.”

That was weird. Willow wasn’t sure how to react. “Wait—what? You mean, like arranged marriages?”

“Not arranged. No one does it. No human, anyway. There’s an energy, a magic force, that binds us to our fated mates and guides us together.”

“A girlfriend of mine in high school was a bear shifter. She said they have a dating service when they get old enough. She was too shy to ask anyone to go on a date or even to say yes when someone asked her to go out. I kept telling her that she needed to talk to someone about that social anxiety, and she just kept shrugging and saying, ‘Nope. Bear.’”

“A lot of other shifter kinds don’t have fated mates. I’ve looked it up and asked around. I learned a hell of a lot about fated mates in our last six months. Bears don’t have fated mates. Wolves do, and so do dragons. I did a lot of research when we were dating and living together, because the problem is,” his voice cracked, and he didn’t look at her, “no matter how much I loved you—no matter how much I wanted to be with you—the problem is that you aren’t mine.”

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