First Excerpt! – Blair Babylon
Blair Babylon
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First Excerpt!

Blair Babylon's brand new PNR releases THIS WEEK on Jan 24! Pre-order this exciting, funny romance at the usual places!



Bethany couldn’t quite look away from Math’s eyes as their hands neared each other.
She had thought his eyes were hazel, but his irises were flecked with light that looked almost like sparks. They looked like sunlight shining on a dragon’s hoard of gold.
They were brilliant, really brilliant, and she felt like she was falling into them.
As their palms touched, a ripple of magic surprised her. Gentle power flooded from where their hands clasped, skin against skin, and through her flesh like a calming wash of warmth.
Holy cow, she’d heard dragon shifters held a powerful magic, but his touch was like placing her hand in the center of a conjuring circle.
Bethany said, “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Math the Dragon.”
He rumbled, “Ah, Bethany, the pleasure is all mine.”

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