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Non-US Amazon Readers: How to reach the Amazon . com store now.

Recently, Amazon did something to their site that limits access to Amazon . com for non-US readers, even for countries that don't have an Amazon store. So, if you live in Ireland, South Africa, etc. and haven't been able to buy ebooks lately, this is what happened.

How to get back in:

This is stupid-simple, and it's what the Amazon help people have been telling customers to do: Add a US zip code to your account.

Yes, it's that easy.

Here's a list of US zip codes for you. Pick one.

10003 — New York City

85282 — Tempe, AZ, where Rae went to college and the Devilhouse is

91319 — near where Casimir lives

06870 — Where Georgie grew up

89109 — Las Vegas, where Elfie and Tryp married






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