Brand-new Rock Star Romance
from USA Today-Bestselling Author Blair Babylon!
The music calls Georgie.
Every night, she stands offstage, watching rock star Xan Valentine and his band, Killer Valentine, set fire to the crowd with music until they would burn down the city for him. His music wraps her until her fingers dance, desperately wanting the piano, but her terrified legs could never walk onto a stage.
Most nights, when Xan Valentine strides off the stage, his dark eyes shift, blurring, and he becomes Alexandre de Valentinois again.
Sometimes, Xan won’t let go.
Some of the other band members, Rade and Grayson, are caught in a death spiral of booze, drugs, and groupies. The drummer, Tryp, is too infatuated with his new wife to do more than show up to play.
Xan is the only one who can compel them onto the stage. He’s holding Killer Valentine together with the force of his will.
This can’t go on.
Something has to break.
Wild Thing
(Billionaires in Disguise: Georgie / Rock Stars in Disguise: Xan)
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Wild Thing is the second book in the Georgie and Xan series.
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Excerpt from Wild Thing
Georgie rolled on the bed in the dark, touching Xan’s chest. “It’s freaky, you know, that you can write these beautiful love songs and not believe in love at all.”
“They’re just songs.”
“Who do you sing them to?”
“All the women out there.” He shifted on the bed, crossing his long legs at his ankles.
“But you’re not in love with them.”
He smirked and reached for the package of cigarettes on the nightstand again, but he didn’t pick it up. “No, but they’re in love with me. I say all the right things, and I’ll say them every time they want to hear them. All they have to do is touch their iPod, and I’ll whisper that I’ll love them forever or belt out that I’m longing for them. I never leave my socks under the coffee table or watch sports while they’re doing the housework. I never complain about their figures or that they’re always busy. They can love me like they love God: from afar, with all their hearts, and with no chance of disillusionment. I’m their perfect boyfriend.”
She laid her chin on her crossed arms. “You’re not my perfect boyfriend.”
“No, I’m your demon lover.” He curled a long strand of her hair around his hand. “I summon you to my bed, seduce you in depraved and debauched ways, and abandon you in the morning.”
Georgie grinned. “I take it back. You are my perfect boyfriend.”