Stiff Competition

Stiff Competition

Coming in Summer, 2019.

Maxence Grimaldi was born the “spare” to the princely throne of Monaco. The throne was promised to his older brother.

Maxence didn’t care.

Traditionally, younger brothers who won’t inherit the throne or noble title have chosen a career in the Church: a life of sacrifice, charity, good works, sobriety, chastity, and penance.

Why would a man like Maxence Grimaldi—wealthy, educated, and cultured, tall, handsome, and ripped, and hot as sin—want to become a priest?

He must be hiding something.

About the Book

Royal parents often have at least two children: the heir and the spare. Maxence Grimaldi has been the spare all his life, and he wishes he wasn’t even that. He desperately wants to live a quiet life away from his royal family, but now they’ve come looking for him.

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