Rock Stars in Disguise: A Boxed Set – Blair Babylon

Rock Stars in Disguise: A Boxed Set

  • December 9, 2019
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Rock Stars in Disguise: A Boxed Set

Rock and roll bands are pits of self-destruction, drug abuse, and insanity. And then there are the bad ones.

Rock and roll bands are pits of self-destruction, drug abuse, and insanity.
And then there are the bad ones. 

Killer Valentine breaks all the rules: that the back-up singer is supposed to sleep with the lead singer, that roadies and musos must hate each other, that the band is the most important thing in the world and everything else comes second, even sick kids, and that second-guitar players eventually wither away and die. 

But Killer Valentine is different. Very different. 

Read about:  

  • Rhiannon, the sassy, curvy back-up singer who goes on to forge her own career, a female protagonist youll love!
  • Tryp, the drummer, who is falling into a well of despair, but a roadie with a small taste for pyromania fishes him out.This enemies tolovers story is one for the ages. 
  • Cadell, lead guitar virtuoso, who is fighting his own addictions and his secret baby daughters fatal illness.His secret baby is a different take on the trope that will make you ugly cry.
  • Peyton, the hanger-on who should have been a concert pianist, after he ran away to follow the woman he loved but who didnt love him, and finally gets his own HEA. This second chance lovers book is a hot and steamy romp through the life of a rock and roll star. 

Theyre all rock stars in disguise, and theyre finally all in one book, just for you. 

What A Girl Wants (Rock Stars in Disguise: Rhiannon)
Somebody to Love (Rock Stars in Disguise: Tryp)
The Rock Star’s Secret Baby (Rock Stars in Disguise: Cadell)
Santa, Baby (Rock Stars in Disguise: Peyton) 

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About the Book
Series: Rock Stars in Disguise, Book 5
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Tags: Cadell, Peyton, Rhiannon, Tryp
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