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Rae Attachee

Rae Attachee

Un coup rapide n’était pas suffisant. Maintenant, Rae n'arrive plus à s'arrêter.

Rae's best friend Lizzi confesses that she is in love with the Dom from Devil's House and since Lizzy saw him first, she decides to end their affair. However, she must continue her training to be able to work at La

Devil's House and pay his university fees.

When a scene with a client goes so badly that it threatens to ruin Rae's life, Wulf saves her.

She's moved, she's grateful, and she can't stop touching him.


The complete thrilling anthology of Billionaires Incognitos: Rae, contains nine volumes in total which will be released soon.

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Series: Blair's Livres en Français, Book 2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Tag: Francais