Hart im Nehmen (Deutsche)

Hart im Nehmen (Deutsche)

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Rox has a problem: What's a career woman supposed to do when she falls in love with her boyfriend and boss?

Arthur looked behind him at Maxence, who was speaking calmly and kindly to Rox. “What the hell did you do to the poor girl?”

Casimir put his hand in his pocket and looked down. “I stayed within their established hard boundaries, even within their soft boundaries. But I didn’t realize there was something else bothering her.”

“Such games are not for amateurs.”

“I’m not an amateur.”

"I know, I know." Arthur waved a hand to indicate he was only joking.

Casimir felt himself fidgeting, an annoying habit he had thought he had overcome. “Can we change the flight schedule for tonight and fly to Las Vegas?”

Arthur looked at him sharply. "How come?"

“Because I just have to.”

Arthur grabbed his shoulder. “I know it seems like a good idea to you right now…”

“You don’t know what it was like. You don’t know what she said.”

“It doesn’t matter what she said. You know what you have to do.”

"I am outside. I don’t have to worry about it anymore, ever again.”

“In case something happens to them, you must not give up your place in the line of succession.”


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About the Book
Authors: ,
Series: Blairs Bücher auf Deutsch, Book 3
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Tag: Deutsche
ISBN: 9781950220229